World of Color on piano (6/8) - Firebird Suite "Finale", "Just Around the Riverbend", & "Farewell"

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 This arrangement of the Fantasia 2000 "spring sprite" and Pocahontas segments of World of Color was done 100\% by ear. (Unfortunately, I have no sheet music for my arrangement, though I will post it if and when I can.) I recorded a number of takes in Fina

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Phil Keaggy - What A Day - King of The Jews - Classic Christian Rock at its best! Subscribe for more great music! In 1968, Keaggy, along with longtime friends drummer John Sferra and bassist Daniel Pecchio, formed a band called Glass Harp. A major turning point for the trio was their winning of an Ohio area's "Battle of the Bands." One of the event's judges happened to be an associate of producer Lewis Merenstein, whom he alerted to the threesome. Merenstein was persuaded to fly down from New York to listen to the band in concert. Upon hearing Glass Harp perform, Merenstein's enthusiastic report resulted in Decca Records signing Glass Harp to a multi-record deal. In 1971, Glass Harp released a follow up album, Synergy. Again Keaggy's Christian faith surfaced in some of the lyrics. The guitarist notes, "That album was a real experience because I was able to sing 'The Answer,' a song I wrote right after my conversion to Christ. And with...producers and an engineer that didn't care about Jesus, I was surprised that out of 15 songs, one of the ten that got on the album was 'The Answer.' I praise Jesus for that work, because it's just a simple song of testimony." The following year the band released its third album: It Makes Me Glad, which included a version of the old spiritual "Do Lord." "We all worked the best that we could. The group knew that it would be our last album together because I had given notice that I was going to leave. And on August 8, I did. It was a really heavy thing for everybody. Having recorded ... - Phil Keaggy, What A Day, Glass Harp, Jesus Music, Christian Rock, King of the Jews

26 March 2015