Alexander Rybak - Fairytale (Live)

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 A video of Alexander preform his song "Fairytale" (Eurovision 2009 winner) on a concert in Srum (Norway) with some lovely kids who make sure the backing of the beat is done properly! Dancers are from Frikar dance company. Enjoy! This video was recorded an

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  • Created on : 25 May 2011

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Fairytale- Alexander rybak 09 -Violin Solo Sheet Music! - This is the The tricky solo part from the winner eurovisionsong Fairytale with Alexander rybak! this notes was hard to find on internet but here is the adress if u cant see on the clipp : .you play on all three strings! i havent earln this part yet :P - Fairytale, sheet music, note, notes, alexander, rybak, fredde, violin, piano, eurovision, 09, solo, part, norge, norway, noway, noter, internet, free

25 April 2015