Alex Gaudino ft. Kelly Rowland - What A Feeling [HD]

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 On top of the world I, I wasn't even searching for love That's usually right when it creeps up on you And I know, in my heart it's true Oh yeah Boy you've got my attention, what's up My heart is beating This feeling's got me open so much I think I'm dream

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  • Created on : 25 May 2011

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"SO GET UP" Acapella (original lyrics & vocals by ITHAKA)-1994 - ________________ Acapella version of "SO GET UP", an original poem by vocalist and contemporary artist Ithaka Darin Pappas. lyrics for SO GET UP (underground Sound of Lisbon featuring Ithaka (ithaka darin pappas aka korvowrong) BY: ITHAKA DARIN PAPPAS (RAVENSHARKMUSIC/SCION FOUR MUSIC/ASCAP) "SO GET UP" ....................................................... THE END OF THE EARTH IS UPON US PRETTY SOON ITLL ALL TURN TO DUST SO GET UP FORGET THE PAST GO OUTSIDE HAVE A BLAST GO A THOUSAND MILES IN A JET AIRPLANE GO OUT OF YOUR MIND GO INSANE TO A PLACE YOU NEVER BEEN BEFORE EAT ICE CREAM OUR YOULL LICK THE FLOOR CUZ, THE END OF THE EARTH IS UPON US PRETTY SOON ITLL ALL TURN TO DUST GOODBYE MY FRIENDS GOODBYE WORLD ILL SEE YOU IN THE NEXT LIFE This track was originally recorded as a guest performance in association with USL (Underground Sound Of Lisbon) and has since been remixed literally hundreds of times in a variety of genres of music by top DJs worldwide including; Danny Tenaglia, Junior Vasquez, Fatboy Slim. Engineered by Sinewave. Unofficial/unauthorized mixes by: Steve Hill vs. DBD, Public Domain, PCP - Dj, Vibe, Underground, SO, GET, UP, Sound, Of, Lisbon, Junior, Vasquez, Danny, Tenaglia, Digweed, Ithaka, Darin, Pappas, Jim, Morrison, Portugal, Rui, Da, Silva, Miss, Kittin, 50, Cent, Roger, Sanchez, Felix, Carl, Cox, House, Tiesto, Trance, antonio, music, pereira, Techno, Fatboy, Slim, Ricardo, Villalobos, Factory, forget, the, past, go, insane, end, earth, Steve, Hill

19 April 2015