A Day To Remember - Colder Than My Heart If You Can Imagine - ACB Music Video

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 A video for a day to remember - Colder Than my heart if you can imagine. Assassins creed brotherhood music video I do not own or claim any copyright to the music used. It is being used for Entertainment purpose only.

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Thoughts By Michael Carreon (lyrics+download) - Lyrics: Verse 1 You and I've been drivin for miles now It ain't no thing we've been friends for a awhile now I love how we kick it and we do it all the time and I love every minute live it like we both were dying now we both said that we'd stay friends forever and everyone asks me when we'll ever get together and what I say back is that it's not like that Chorus I'd rather be your friend than your nothing at all that's why I cant tell you how I really feel I don't wanna risk it all my thoughts will remain thoughts Verse 2 I believe we can be the epitome of two in loveIi believe in possibilities and we're just best friends but the chemistry says to me that we're in love and meant to be and you might feel the same or the opposite or you might feel a little or a lot of it or you might be waiting for me Chorus Verse 3 I seen you at the top and i seen you at the bottom and it breaks my heart to hear you talk about your guys problems so i keep my options open even though my thoughts are broken and all these thoughts keep pokin my emotions i keep hopin that one day ill ask you and you ll say "finally" or maybe one day ill pass you and you wont say hi to me or lie to me say bye to me or tell me that your vibin me and all of these thoughts keep eatin whats inside of me you sleep on my lap and i sleep on your bed and its no big deal to your mom and your dad cause i stay on my side and you stay on yours and they know were just friends they even let yo close the door and the more ... - jenni11991, lyrics, michael, carreon, full, thoughts, download, free, song, new, music

27 March 2015