Christmas cover #1 Santa Baby- Taylor Swift LIVE cover

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 Hey everyone, yay for the holidays :) As I said in the video, I will be covering Christmas songs so if you want to request a song for me to cover, just comment below :) thanks for watching everyone! Credit for instrumental: TheHMKARAOKEMC2 No copyright in

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You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift - Virtual Piano - This is a video of me performing You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift on the Virtual Piano. VP Notes: uoououiuiuiuyt | uoououiuiuiuyt ouuytyouyuyy | oouuyyouyu | yiutyuuytyu | yiutyuuytyu | opsdspsdso | ssdsddfdsp | pofdd ssdfdfdfffds | fdfdffdsgfp | ssspogfpp | ouuytyoouyuy | yoouuyouyuy... - You, Belong, With, Me, Taylor, Swift, Virtual, Piano, Online, Cover, Free, Notes, Letters, Chords, Keys, Sheets, Music, Singing, Keyboard, Playing

28 March 2015