Rosanna Toto BASIC Guitar Lesson Fingerstyle Solo Chord Melody.avi

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 Pop guitar lesson. Pop tune arranged for fingerstyle solo chord melody guitar presented in onscreen animated fretboard format. Get this FREE software (with TAB display, SLOW down and STEP through features) and many other more tunes at

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Marcel Tjahe - Mon Mari N'Est Pas Serieux - Early 80's Makossa! Vocals: Marcel Tjahe, Sissi Dipoko, Nyamsi Suzanne, Titi Florence Lead: Jules Kamga Rhythm: Toguy Bass: Aladji Toure Drums: Lobey Valery Percussions: Jean Pierre Coco Cuivres: Mam Ouari, Freddy, Hamib Claviers: Jean Claude Naimro - Marcel Tjahe, Jules Kamga, Toto Guillaume, Aladji Toure, Makossa, Cameroon, African Music, World Music, Guitar, Musica, Champeta Africana, Champeta

28 March 2015