Fleetwood Mac - Rhiannon ('75)

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 If you think Fleetwood Mac is "just" a Top-40 Pop Band, watch the last few minutes of this... Valhalla...Your Music Jukebox. Please Subscribe!

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The Vocal Range of Stevie Nicks (E2-E5) - Stevie is one of the lowest female voices in music, though you wouldn't know it from listening to her most famous Fleetwood Mac songs, between every album Stevie's voice got lower and lower while she kept to her high register in the studio, eschewing many high notes live. Going by official releases her range is Bb2-E5 but her speaking voice shows an entire half an octave of unused lower range waiting to be used. 0:00. D3s from "Landslide". For years, Stevie would perform this song live three semitones higher! 0:10. And 32 years later, stronger D3s from the Soundstage version of "Landslide". 0:21. Great D3s from the demo version of "Twisted". 0:37. Strong D3s in harmony with Vanessa Carleton, song is "The One" at Soundstage. 0:52. A great ending D3 from "Inspiration". 0:56. Tons of solid C#3s from the chorus of "Destiny Rules". 1:23. A slide down to a solid - if a bit whispery C#3 from "Street Angel". 1:31. Strong but short C#3 from "Love's A Hard Game To Play" - written by Bret Michaels! 1:42. Short songspoken C#3 from the live The Dance version of "Rhiannon". 1:47. Short C3 from "Landslide". 1:53. A few slides down to C3 from "Greta". 2:07. Nice short C3 from "Touched By An Angel", great song! 2:15. Strong B2 from "Goodbye Baby". 2:25. Solid C#3s and a short B2 from "God's Garden". 2:42. Even better C#3s and another short B2 from "Every Day". 2:51. Great Bb2s here in a "Destiny Rules" harmony, a bit faint though. 3:07. A wobbly Bb2 from "Landslide". 3:12. Stevie's gone ... - stevie, nicks, fleetwood, mac, contralto, alto, low, high, notes, female, baritone, wild, heart, rock, little, deep, say, you, will, street, angel, rumours

31 March 2015