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 The Saxquest Saxophone Museum showcases a huge collection of many of the finest and rarest saxophones in the world as well as a collection of vintage saxophone accessories and other historic saxophone memorabilia. The museum is located on the 2nd floor of

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Grover Washington, Jr. - Mister Magic (Part 1) - I thought I'll upload this back even it's been deleted not long ago. Here's part 2 of this: Felt all fans to Grover Washington and to all jazz and music fans alive would re-live the moment of this wonderful gem performing live in concert back in 1981. RIP to the Greatest Saxman in the world, Mr. GW, Jr. If you want to find more info behind this fellow artists, go to any of these links for research: - grover, washington, jr, funk, r&b, jazz, music, eric, gale, ralph, macdonald, richard, tee, steve, gadd, anthony, jackson, paul, griffin, live music, soul

25 April 2015