Metalingus (Edge's Theme) [cdp cover]

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 So after a rather convincing request, I've decided to finally do Edge a favor and get this cover done. (We love you Edge!) This is "Metalingus" by Alter Bridge, a song I've loved for so long! First of all, Mark Tremonti + Myles Kennedy = MIND BLOWN (had t

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Baldwin Orga-Sonic - Home Made Music - I salvaged this old organ from a dumpster. Many of the keys did not works and there were several electrical prolems. But I kept it because it had a built in rotary speaker. I left it at my friend Stephen's studio for a few years. He recently told me he needed it out of the way. So, since it is now in my living room I decided to fix it up. The video is of the first tune I recorded with it after cleaning all the key contacts. Nothing really any good, just me noodling around with the video camera on. Then I layered a few other instruments. The video starts with me creating a sample on my Casio SK-1 then creating a short sequence on its on board sequencer. Then plug it and a toy drum machine into my home made sequencer to get the rhythm going and the rest is an afternoon's worth of not getting anything else done. - orgasonic, orga-sonic, baldwin, organ, music, microkorg, micro, korg, guitar, piano, kimball, sequencer, DIY, casio, SK-1, sampler, keyboard, synth, synthesizer

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