Call me when your sober{fandub}

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 I LOVE THIS SONG!!! it is a GREAT song!!! and i would be eva sooo hapi if u could rate and comment!! and if ur a dare devil u could even...WATCH IT!!! :P hahahaha have fun peeps!! but take mi seriously cos i love singing!!

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Weightless - Mi - Lyrics Hi, my name is Ana and I'm here to save you Very smart of you to call me We will work together and we'll leave no footprints We'll have wings eventually I want to embrace you I will help you to control I will hurt like hell I will swallow your sweet soul It will be nailed to your jawbone It is painted on the mirror Stripped to the bone to the soul to the I don't know Stripped to the core to the matter to the flesh and oh! Stripped to the four in the morning lies and lullabies Stripped without clothes without dirt without baggage without consciousness and you are weightless So just be a good girl and please follow my rules Don't forget I'm taking over Transparent is what you'll be in no time if you're Taking life in stone cold sober I want to embrace you I will make you steal and lie I will hurt like hell I will kill you in no time Everyone's your enemy You find your worst fears in me - Weightless, 2011, Vilma, Mi, Pietil, Music

27 March 2015