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 This Is My Song by engelbert humperdinck (with lyrics). Love, this is my song. Here is a song, a serenade to love ... ***************** DISCLAIMER: Absolutely no copyright infringement is intended. All the images, audio, and video clips are the sole prope

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LOVE ME WITH ALL YOUR HEART (Lyrics) - Engelbert Humperdinck - Title: Love Me With All Your Heart - Spanish original: Carlos Rigual, Mario Rigual and Carlos Martinoli - English lyrics: M. Vaughn - Artist: Engelbert Humperdinck - Musical Composition Content Owner/Administrator: Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society. Love signs can be rose, apple, heart, cupid, and shell as well... Because of its hard casing, the Shell is a protective image - protecting life (sheltering pearls) and also symbolizes the? protective quality? love sometimes takes. In Roman mythology, Venus, the goddess of love, was said to be created from the foam carried ashore atop a scallop shell. The Hindu goddess Lakshmi was said to also be created from the grit and pearls within the shell. - love, me, with, all, your, heart, lyrics, engelbert, humperdinck, 2010, music, video, donkhtfan

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